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Details for 67F510F10
DescriptionFirmware: 5.10 date: 2011-JAN-17

Release notes:

Additional SIP security functions in 5.10F10 firmware:

Protection against common SipVicious attacks, general DoS SIP attacks and SIP brute force password guessing has been added.

  • On the SIP Switch page, header information to protect against common SipVicious attacks is added in the Incoming Call Blacklist table when upgrading to 5.10F10.
  • On the Security pages, under General settings, SIP flood detection is added. The default values: Trigger levels: Low 5, High 40, Quarantine time 300 seconds are added when upgrading to 5.10F10.
  • On the SIP Advanced page, under Authorized Users, Brute force attack protection is added. The default values: allow 3 authentication attempts within an interval of 30 seconds are only added after factory default. Add values manually to activate protection!
  • SIP authentication setting added to static domain forwarding table. (To ease setting up extra authentication for remote users using a SIP PBX on the LAN.)
The addition of these security functions has been sponsored by Omnitor AB.
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