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IX67 Firmware
The firmware in the Intertex SurfinBird IX67 can be upgraded to new versions as Intertex releases them. New firmware often include bug fixes and new features. Some Internet Gate models require special versions of the firmware. We recommend that you go to the login page of the Internet Gate web user interface and click "Check for newer" - that link automatically selects the suitable firmware for your model.

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file icon IX67 Lifeboathot!Tooltip 05/10/2010 Hits: 1796

Recovers the IX67 even if flash memory is completely wiped out. Loads the newest available firmware version using the Ethernet interface.


  • Only use the lifeboat when all other options have been considered, preferably only after a direct recommendation from the Internet Gate support team.


file icon 67F510F7.tarhot!Tooltip 04/27/2009 Hits: 2331

Firmware: 5.10F7 Date: 2009-APR-27

Release notes:

  • Security Update: Minor security problem in webserver fixed
file icon 67F510F6.tarhot!Tooltip 02/26/2009 Hits: 2167

Firmware: 5.10F6 Date: 2009-FEB-26

Release notes:

  • Auto-upgrade improved
  • SIP registration on startup improved. Now only one registration per account is active at a time.
  • FXS username/password lengths increased to 64.
  • Removed default password for FXS (security risk).
  • SIP FENT when users are behind same NAT, setting for letting media flow directly between endpoints (not in GUI).
  • SIP FENT through b2bua improved
  • T.38 interop: SIP reuse port number when media type changes
  • SIP DID (Direct Inwards Dialing). Incoming calls can be forwarded to dynamic registration with preserved number through ";did" parameter (number/user of registration ignored)
  • Other minor improvements
file icon 67F510F10hot!Tooltip 04/13/2011 Hits: 1645
Firmware: 5.10 date: 2011-JAN-17

Release notes:

Additional SIP security functions in 5.10F10 firmware:

Protection against common SipVicious attacks, general DoS SIP attacks and SIP brute force password guessing has been added.

  • On the SIP Switch page, header information to protect against common SipVicious attacks is added in the Incoming Call Blacklist table when upgrading to 5.10F10.
  • On the Security pages, under General settings, SIP flood detection is added. The default values: Trigger levels: Low 5, High 40, Quarantine time 300 seconds are added when upgrading to 5.10F10.
  • On the SIP Advanced page, under Authorized Users, Brute force attack protection is added. The default values: allow 3 authentication attempts within an interval of 30 seconds are only added after factory default. Add values manually to activate protection!
  • SIP authentication setting added to static domain forwarding table. (To ease setting up extra authentication for remote users using a SIP PBX on the LAN.)
The addition of these security functions has been sponsored by Omnitor AB.