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Set up your own SIP server

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You already pay for your broadband. Use it to make IP calls for free!

  • Become part of the open SIP community
  • Communicate with anyone in the open SIP community for free
  • Get video, presence (client based), instant messaging and data collaboration for free
  • Combine with SIP service provider accounts

What are the steps to get there?

  1. Make the Internet Gate your SIP server. In the GUI:
  2. Make your SIP domain DNS point to your Internet Gate.
  • Static IP address: Ask your ISP to point out your SIP domain. [More Information: Locating SIP Services]
  • Dynamic IP address: Get a Tekea dynamnic DNS account and use the Internet Gate as your dynamic DNS client. [More Information: Get your own SIP domain]
  1. Use your SIP domain names for the clients, see illustration. You may also mix with service provider’s SIP addresses.
  2. Connect your SIP clients behind the Internet Gate and restart them.