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Creating the Multimedia LAN

A user attractive architecture for multimedia services and terminals. Plug-in compatible Intertex CPE, without changed network architecture!

All services on different PVCs made available to all terminals on a single user LAN / WLAN

  • All QoS advantages preserved from the conventional port based architecture
  • Network clouds may be NATed or in the public address space
  • Firewall protection on all PVCs
  • QoS and services based routing, in addition to traditional address based routing
    Special IP-TV features

IGMP proxy for multicast IP-TV, with fast leave and multi- to unicast conversion

  • RTSP proxy for VoD (Video on Demand)
  • Horsepower and special prioritizing to maintain priority for critical video streams during heavy load
  • Full SIP Based Live IP Communication Support - Who else can offer this?

Much more than POTS replication via FXS ports

  • Full support for SIP on the LAN and globally, without unreliable work-around methods
  • QoS applied to all SIP signaling and media - No client setup required
  • SIP clients can use either Quality Assured operator service or the Internet. SIP communication is separated and routed universally, with best QoS on each network
  • Support for all SIP services (not just telephony)
  • Equal treatment and full connectivity between telephony ports (FXS), LAN or WLAN connected clients as well as outside clients