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Home Users

Home users can reap many benefits from using the Intertex Internet Gate. Be aware that with competing products it is most often not even possible to use SIP on the LAN! With the Intertex products you will be able to use one Internet connection that can be shared by all your network devices. At the same time SIP services are made available to all devices, PCs and clients on the LAN, while still keeping a very high level of security through the built in firewall. It is also easy to set up your own SIP server and call for free over IP!

With the optional SIP Switch software we include PBX functionality so you can manage calls both locally and over Internet. You can get a connection to the traditional telephone services (PSTN) using a gateway account or a service provider’s SIP account. You can even set up virtual foreign offices to call long distance over IP and only use PSTN for local calls on the remote location. That way you will get lowest rate PSTN calls, i.e. local fee even long distance!

The Internet Gate also supports ENUM lookup so you can dial a phone number to a SIP phone and always get the cheapest possible rate by routing calls over the Internet when possible. The Internet Gate also has a model that includes a voice gateway. With this you can keep your old telephone line and even use your traditional analogue phone as a SIP phone!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 11:30