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Service Providers

As a Service Provider you can venture into new areas and make profits in new ways using SIP and the services provided by the Internet Gate. Once your customers are equipped with the Internet Gate you can provide SIP services that customers can use all the way in to the LAN!

The Internet Gate will also include SIP Switch features for local PBX like functions! With the SIP Switch your customers can handle their company switchboard needs, e.g. use extension numbers, use ENUM to ensure that the Internet is used for as many calls as possible, hand over desired calls to PSTN and much more.

The Internet Gate has an optional port to connect to the traditional telephone network, a so called FXO port. With this feature the problems of emergency calls are solved and the FXO-port offers PSTN backup while still using all features of SIP. The Internet Gate also come with the optional FXS-port, which allows users to connect his/her plain old telephones to make IP telephony calls.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 11:25