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Virtual foreign offices

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Make the whole world your local office!
Get phone number with PSTN access in various countries!

  • Let customers and partners call you using a local number in their specific country. You will get the call via IP for free.
  • Call your customers and partners and pay only for local access (International part over IP). 
  • Incoming calls can be routed to specific phones or soft clients for various countries.

What are the steps to get there? 

  1.  Get accounts with suitable SIP providers supported by the Internet Gate SIP Switch and having good PSTN connectivity in the countries you communicate with.
  2. Buy the Internet Gate SIP Switch software addition.
  3. Download a Dial Plan from Intertex's web page and fill in the SIP accounts to be used for different countries or areas.
  4. Allow the SIP Switch to forward the specific country user numbers to one or several SIP and regular phones.