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Adds PBX functionality and much more

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Dial locally on your LAN and globally over Internet. Forward, internal extension numbers, dial plan, ENUM and more!

  • Locally on the LAN and globally over Internet
  • Mimic conventional PBXs, 0 or 9 to reach PSTN
  • Forward incoming calls individually to one or several phones
  • Call using internal extension numbers, URIs, or conventional phone numbers
  • ENUM checking before routing calls to PSTN
  • Outgoing PSTN calls routed to best gateway
  • New: Fork, ENUM, blacklist and allow users

What are the steps to get there?

  1. Buy the Internet Gate
  2. Buy the SIP Switch software addition.
  3. Download a Dial Plan from Intertex' web page and fill in the user accounts.
  4. To get started with the SIP Switch read the The Quick Guide